Fresno Poets archives

About the archives
For more than 30 years, the Fresno Poets’ Association reading series has attracted hundreds of poets and prose writers of all kinds to Fresno for world-class literary readings in Central California. Some of the earliest readings in the 1980s and ’90s not only featured the best of the best Fresno poets and writers but also some of the most renowned national and international authors of their day.

In spring 2016, poets C. G. Hanzlicek and Corrinne Hales made a generous donation to the Creative Writing Program: They granted access to nearly 80 VHS, Beta, and reel-to-reel recordings of the earliest FPA readings. Most of these aging tapes have since been rescued and brought into the digital age by the staff at Horn Photo, with funding from the College of Arts and Humanities. Additional recordings are also now starting to surface.

Communications staff Jefferson Beavers is currently working with undergraduate English and Creative Writing interns, with the support of English faculty Ruth Jenkins, to make these recordings accessible to the world on the Fresno State MFA YouTube channel. Each recording will be fully closed captioned with accurate transcriptions of the literature, and it will be accompanied by a blog post written by the intern for historical and personal context.

List of episodes
Coming Soon — Episode 12: Li-Young Lee (2002)
1/24/18 — Episode 11: Jon Veinberg (1985)
12/05/17 — Episode 10: Corrinne Clegg Hales and Liza Wieland (April 1992)
11/06/17 — Episode 9: How Much Earth, the Fresno Poets (2001)
10/10/17 — Episode 8: Juan Felipe Herrera and Margarita Luna Robles (November 1990)
9/05/17 — Episode 7: James C. Baloian and DeWayne Rail (October 1984)
8/07/17 — Episode 6: Loretta Collins Klobah and Robert Vasquez (December 1988)
7/11/17 — Episode 5: Larry Levis and Philip Levine (August 1984)
6/05/17 — Episode 4: Sherley Anne Williams (February 1986)
5/08/17 — Episode 3: Robert Vasquez, Gary Soto, Ernesto Trejo, Leonard Adame, and Luis Omar Salinas (November 1989)
4/03/17 — Episode 2: Suzanne Lummis and C. G. Hanzlicek (March 1992)
3/06/17 — Episode 1: Ernesto Trejo tribute (November 1991)