Thoughts Aloud – Episode 5 – Kirk Alvaro Lua

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Thoughts Aloud features writers contemplating their art and creative writing process while sharing in conversation, with the hope of helping fellow writers and artists grow. Produced by Fresno State’s Master of Fine Arts program, the podcast intends to mark and celebrate the presence, progress, and evolution of the university’s MFA students and alumni, capturing, acknowledging, and giving space for them to share their work.

In this dialogue, Fresno writer Kirk Alvaro Lua shares the discovery and the act of trying to uncover who his parents are, particularly his father, through the medium of poetry and writing. Writing becomes a way to initiate communication and to deepen relationships that might’ve otherwise been left untouched.

Writer/host: Nou Her
Guest: Kirk Alvaro Lua
Editing: Jefferson Beavers
Production Assistance: Rodolfo Avelar and Elizabeth Bolaños

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