My summer reading list: Mariah Bosch

Mariah Bosch
Poetry, incoming

The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion — This book breaks my heart in the best ways. Didion’s writing about grief and mourning the death of her husband is a dark place to start my summer reading, but I’m glad I started here. This work of nonfiction reads like a poem in some sections, repeating details and memories in a way that makes me feel like I am sitting with Didion herself.

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf — I’m re-reading this book this summer because I think it’ll be more important to me than it was before; I feel this is a must read for anyone (particularly any woman) looking for space for their work.

Notes on the Assemblage by Juan Felipe Herrera — After reading Border-Crosser with a Lamborghini Dream, I’m ready to read more of the former U.S. Poet Laureate’s work. I’m always keeping books from the library for too long and just had to return this one without reading it; my library delinquency won’t stop me this time.

The Pisces by Melissa Broder — Some might be worn out by woman/fish romances in pop culture, but I can’t say I am. This novel is high on my list of must-reads this summer because I love all things Melissa Broder. Her poetry book, Last Sext, and her Twitter account are among my favorite things. Her work is honest and raw in a way I want to emulate in my own poetry.


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