My summer reading list: Tara Williams

Tara Williams
Fiction, 3rd year

This summer my focus is on completing my thesis manuscript, a novel. But I’ll also be catching up on Fresno State faculty publications:

The Circle Game by Tanya Nichols — The second novel from Fresno State MFA alumna and lecturer.

Black Jesus and Other Superheroes by Venita Blackburn — A story collection from one of our incoming fiction faculty, which I’ve started and now get to finish.

The House of Impossible Beauties by Joseph Cassara — A novel from one of our incoming fiction faculty.

I’m Just Getting to the Disturbing Part: On Work, Fear & Fatherhood by Steven Church — A new essay collection from Fresno State MFA coordinator.

And some research: Two-spirit People: Native American Gender Identity, Sexuality, and Spirituality edited by Sue-Ellen Jacobs, Wesley Thomas, and Sabina Lang.

Plus, a few more titles from the MFA fiction reading list and all those stories saved up the past two semesters from lit journals and New Yorkers.


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