My summer reading list: John Power

John Power
Poetry, 2nd year

My Mojave by Donald Revell — I went to lunch with Revell back in 2006 as an undergrad at Cal Poly but have yet to read one of his books. He seamlessly blends the everyday and the spiritual, finding deep, hard truths in his dog drinking from a puddle of rain and wet leaves, an airplane descending, a house moving day. His language pulls you into a world where you believe that he saw God the day two horses ran through a neighboring field. At our lunch he told me how, weeks before, he knew that a piece of paper hovering in the wind above his garden was an angel. I think I am starting to get it.

New Seeds of Contemplation by Thomas Merton — Merton’s reflection on what amounts to true, spiritual contemplation. He awakens deep hidden things in me that I did not know were there.

Collected Poems by Dylan Thomas — Welsh word-wizard.

The Song of Roland translated by Robert Harrison — I get on a medieval kick every few years. I hope to find this full of battle axes, spears, and banners.

She Didn’t Mean to Do It by Daisy Fried — I have had this book on my shelf since my first poetry workshop class as an undergrad. I have read a few poems out of it but the time has come to finish what I’ve started. She reminds me of Kim Addonizio, but with more rambling.


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