My summer reading list: Cindy Bradley

Cindy Bradley
Creative nonfiction, 2nd year

Here are a few nonfiction books I hope to get to this summer:

Borderlands by Gloria Anzaldúa — Looking forward to reading this new addition to the MFA creative nonfiction reading list. It includes both prose and poems!

Bring Down the Little Birds: On Mothering, Art, Work and Everything Else by Carmen Giménez Smith — I’m really interested in reading this lyric memoir for the craft the writer employs. Reviews of the memoir state that Giménez Smith combines “fragments of thought, daydreams, entries from notebooks both real and imaginary, and real life experiences.” Can’t wait to see how she weaves these components together.

Chronology of Water by Lidia Yuknavitch — I’ve been hearing more and more praise for this memoir. Yuknavitch’s exploration of gender, sexuality, violence and family doles up quotes like: “It’s not easy to leave one’s self and embrace another. Your freedoms will scar you. Maybe even kill you. Or one of your yous. It’s okay though. There are more.”


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