Spring 2015 Thesis Defense Reading #2

To celebrate our Spring 2015 Master of Fine Arts degree candidates, the Creative Writing Program presents our Thesis Defense Reading #2 on Friday, May 1 at 7 p.m. Location: Alice Peters Auditorium (PB 191). Free admission and parking, with a reception to follow. Four of our graduate students will be presenting some of their best work from their thesis manuscripts:

brodie-amber-flierAmber Cecile Brodie
A native of Sebastopol, Amber’s poetry has been featured in Aquirelle, Glassworks, Canyon VoicesFoothill: a Journal of Poetry, and others. Currently, she spends her days in Fresno reading, drinking wine, and watching the Food Network. Her thesis manuscript is Ribbed with Willow.

brotherton-phyllis-flierPhyllis Brotherton
Enjoying a long career accounting for things, Phyllis earned her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1972 and her CPA certificate in 1975. She returned to school in 1996, earning a Master’s degree in Creative Nonfiction from Fresno State in 2000. In between, she spent time in Chicago and three years in Tehran, Iran, where her son, Mehdi, was born. At the age of 63, she entered the MFA Program at Fresno State. Her work has appeared in literary journals Pithead Chapel, Spry, and Your Impossible Voice, and is forthcoming in Under the Gum Tree. She works as Executive VP and CFO at ValleyPBS, and she lives with her wife and partner, Denise, in Clovis. Her thesis manuscript is Methods of Accounting.

budiman-aaron-flierAaron Budiman
Aaron is a student of fiction whose interests include climbing rocks, kicking soccer balls, sleeping until noon, and wearing hats. He loves food but is not a foodie, and he will eat almost anything that does not contain asparagus. In the fifth grade, Aaron wrote his magnum opus, and he has spent the following decade-and-a-half attempting to be more than a one-hit wonder.

jessica-santillan-flierJessica R. Santillan
A native of Bakersfield, Jessica writes fiction. Her work has been published the literary journals The San Joaquin Review and The Siren’s Call. In her free time, she reads, sleeps, and binge watches television shows on Netflix. Her thesis manuscript is Inheritance.


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