Spring 2015 Thesis Defense Reading #1

To celebrate our Spring 2015 Master of Fine Arts degree candidates, the Creative Writing Program presents our Thesis Defense Reading #1 on Friday, April 24 at 7 p.m. Location: Alice Peters Auditorium (PB 191). Free admission and parking, with a reception to follow. Four of our graduate students will be presenting some of their best work from their thesis manuscripts:

baker-brandon-webBrandon Baker
Born and raised in Fresno – with stops in San Diego, London, and Clovis – Brandon loves rollercoasters but is afraid of heights, loves acting but has stage fright, loves Sinatra but does not have “swagger.” His thesis manuscript, Pretend, is his first collection of short stories organized on something other than napkin scraps and sticky notes. Brandon once won a hundred bucks at Sober Grad Night, he has ridden Haunted Mansion at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and he once high-fived Cuba Gooding Jr.

basiletti-emily-flierEmily Basiletti
Emily earned her Bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a minor in Latin Classical Studies from Fresno State. She has served as a creative nonfiction editorial assistant with The Normal School literary magazine for the past two years. She works as a writing tutor in the campus Writing Center and also for The Institute of Reading Development, teaching young writers the skills they will need to help them become stronger readers.

perez-victor-flierVictor Arnoldo Perez
A Central Valley native, Victor’s writing explores family narratives, dreams, and contemporary art through ekphrastic poetry. His work has appeared in an e-chapbook and in the literary journals Foothill, Cactus Heart, and others. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in English Literature at Fresno State, and he plans on traveling via his 1967 Dodge Dart GT upon graduation. During these travels, Victor hopes to hunker down into some teaching, mountain biking, and interpretive dance. His thesis manuscript is An Ox On Fire.

dakin-jordy-flierJordy Dakin
Currently at work on his first novel, Jordy serves as the Associate Fiction Editor for The Normal School literary magazine. He is the author of The Omniscience of Being: Selections by Martin Heidegger, and The Boy Who Loved Dinosaurs. His short fiction has been rejected by AgniPassages NorthGlimmer TrainMidwestern GothicZyzzyvaBoulevard, Camera Obscura, and others.

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