KUDOS: March 2010

Congratulations are in order for our students and faculty on yet another successful month of publishing and academic news!

Umbrella Factory and the Sewanee Writers’ Conference
A double dose of good news for fiction student Tiffany Crum, whose story “Virginia” was accepted for publication in Umbrella Factory and who has been accepted to the Sewanee Writers’ Conference this summer. Way to go!
The Atlantic Student Writing Contest
Congratulations to essayist Rachel Jackson, whose essay “Principles of Concealment” was selected as an Honorable Mention in The Atlantic‘s Student Writing Contest!
The Chaffey Review and good news on PhD Program applications
Two pieces of great news for essayist Sarah Fawn Montgomery, whose essay, “Deferred Intentions” was accepted for the May issue of the Chaffey Review, and who was recently accepted to the University of Nebraska’s PhD Program in Creative Writing. Sarah Fawn is also on the waiting list at the University of Missouri, another fine PhD program. Way to go, Sarah Fawn!
Brevity Guest Blogger
Nonfiction professor Steven Church acted as guest blogger for Brevity, commenting on ethics and aesthetics in nonfiction in reaction to John D’Agata’s new book, About a Mountain. Check it out here!
Monkey Puzzle
Poetry professor Tim Skeen‘s poem “Theosophy” appears in the new issue of Monkey Puzzle, as does poetry student, Barbara Price‘s poem, “I Hope You Got a Copy of the Memo, Louise.” Congratulations to Tim and Barbara!
Book contract with Heydey Books
Interdisciplinary Master of Arts student Joel Pickford, who took classes in creative nonfiction with the MFA Program last year, has just learned that the project on which he was working, a book titled “Soul Calling: A Photographer’s Journey in the Hmong Diaspora” has been accepted for publication by Heydey Books. Heart congratulations, Joel!
Poetry Rhythm Magazine
Recent poetry graduate Ana Garza has a poem, “On the Phone” appearing in the next issue of Poetry Rhythm Magazine. Congratulations, Ana!
Writers’ Bloc
Fiction student Peter Driscoll‘s story, “The Perpetual State of Hegemony,” just came out in Writers’ Bloc, an online journal. Congratulations, Peter!
North American Review
Poet Angela Armstrong‘s poem, “Once in the Mojave Desert,” appears in the latest issue of North American Review. Congratulations, Angela!

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