KUDOS: Fall 2009

Monkey Puzzle

Jasmine Armstrong‘s poem “Speaking of Tehran on a Train,” which was dedicated to Professor Samina Najmi, was accepted for publication in Monkey Puzzle. Congratulations, Jasmine!

Pushcart Prize Nomination & Anthologized Poem

James Tyner‘s poem, “At a Barbecue for R.C. One Week After He is Out of Iraq” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Autumn House Press. He also has a poem in the new anthology THE WORKING POET: 75 WRITING EXERCISES AND A POETRY ANTHOLOGY. It’s available from Amazon.com. Congratulations, James!

Translation in Ezra

Kirsten Sanft‘s translation of an excerpt from the book-length poem “Altazor” by the Chilean poet, Vicente Huidobro has been accepted for publication in the Spring 2010 issue of Ezra. Congratulations, Kirsten!



Recent MFA grad Burlee Vang‘s poems “Story Cloth” and “Incantation for Rebirth” have just been accepted for publication in MELUS’ special issue of Poetry and Poetics.


Verdad, Askew, and Poet Lore

David Dominguez has 4 poems out this month: “Consuelo” and “Unpacking, ” Askew poetry magazine. “The Ted Dominguez Latin American Combo,” Verdad literary journal. “To the Ghost of Cesar Chavez,” Poet Lore magazine.

Kartika Review

Vuong Vu, recent MFA graduate–has a poem “The Hmong” in the current issue of Kartika Review.

Andrés Montoya Memorial Scholarship

These are $500 scholarships awarded on the basis of merit to Chicano/a students who are pursuing a career in creative writing. This year’s recipients are: 

Graduate student: Mario Rosado
Undergraduate Students: Erin Alvarez and David Campos

(This year the judges decided to award a scholarship to two undergraduate students because they couldn’t choose between two terrific finalists. )

Congratulations to all of you!

Theoretical Killings & a Pushcart Prize Nomination

Theoretical Killings: Essays and Accidents, Steven Church‘s latest book, is out and available. Go get yourself a copy! And congratulations to Steven!
“In this collage of essays, letters, movies, advertisements, and every other medium known to man, Steven Church, author of The Guinness Book of Me, journeys to the depths of the human mind through his often bizarre turns of thought. Church philosophizes without any philosophical rhetoric and questions everything without seeming to question a thing. This thought-provoking postmodern jumble of serial killers, obsessive correspondences, and jumbo toys will leave you both enlightened and thoroughly entertained.”

Also, Steven’s essay “The Sound of Retreat” was nominated by The Pinch for a Pushcart Prize. Congratulations!

Pushcart Prize Nomination

Poetry Professor Tim Skeen‘s poem “Theosophy” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editors of MONKEY PUZZLE! Congratulations, Tim!


MFA student Barbara Price‘s poem “Happy Birthday” has just been accepted for the May 2010 issue of Slant: A Journal of Poetry! Congratulations, Barb!

New South

MFA graduate, Eric Parker just had a nonfiction piece, “Feeding the Rich,” accepted for publication in New South. Eric was solicited by an Editor after she read his blog, where Eric writes about his experience delivering pizza to some of the wealthiest people in America. Check it out: www.feedingtherich.blogspot.com

Nice work, Eric! Congratulations!




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