STUDENTS: SJLA receives campus award

The student-run San Joaquin Literary Association, made up of mostly MFA students, was honored with the top award last week at the Associated Students and USU Productions leadership awards. The SJLA won the Outstanding Campus Involvement Award for 2005-06.

The SJLA helped coordinate eight literary events through the school year, including the University Lecture Series event with Joyce Carol Oates in November 2005 that drew more than 640 people to the Satellite Student Union, the biggest crowd in ULS history.

Pictured above is SJLA president Jefferson Beavers, right, with visiting poet Marilyn Chin, who came to campus in February 2005. Beavers and fellow MFAer Bruce Kincaid co-founded the group in December 2004 with a visit from novelist Jonathan Franzen.

The SJLA has grown to more than 20 members this year, including students in the MA programs in Literature and Composition and undergraduates in the arts. Officers this year included: Logan Perkes (MFA creative nonfiction), Emily Tallman (MFA poetry), Kelly Van Horn (MFA poetry), and Ria Williams (BA English). The adviser is Tim Skeen.


  1. Dear SJLA, congratulations! You truly deserve this recognition. You put your love of literature and passion for language into organizing them, and sharing what you love with the community at large. Good luck with your future endeviors.Lejla


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