The eighth annual Students of English Studies Association interdisciplinary conference was held this past weekend, with two-dozen presenters from all over the country. The theme for this year’s conference was “Spinning The World: Myths And Legends.”

Several MFA students presented their scholarly and creative work at the conference. They included: Debora Palmer, David Hurst, Diane Miniel, Nigel Medhurst, Sasha Pimentel, Guiseppe Getto, Eric V. Smith, and Lejla Tricic.

Pictured above is one group of panelists that included Nigel Medhurst, Diane Miniel, MFA alumni Wanda Podgorska Russell, and David Hurst.

The keynote speaker for the conference was Mr. Daniel Martinez, a historian and the host of the popular Discovery Channel program Unsolved History. Martinez examined the myths and legends of history that end up as popular culture in literature and cinema.

Pictured is Martinez, left, with Cathy Focarazzo Ciontea, an MA Composition student and the SESA conference chair. Other conference committee members from SESA were MA students Ben Ovando and Sharon Manning, and MFA student Eric V. Smith.

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