STUDENTS: Lejla Tricic wins Dean’s Medal

MFAer Lejla Tricic was awarded the College of Arts & Humanities Graduate Dean’s Medal this past Saturday. Of all the graduate nominees from the College, in nearly a dozen grad programs campuswide, she was selected as the most outstanding.

The award puts Tricic in the running for the prestigious President’s Medal, selected from the top graduate medalists from all 10 colleges on campus. Dr. James E. Walton, chair of the English Department, said that Tricic’s accomplishments, as well as her service to the Department and its students, speak for themselves. “The President’s Medalist, in a real sense, represents the top student on the entire campus,” he said.

Tricic will earn her MA degree this semester in Literature. She is finished with her MFA classes and has only her thesis to complete, which she will work on in the fall.

She is pictured above with her MA thesis committee. From left are Ruth Jenkins, Tricic, Lyn Johnson, and Anthony Michel. Tricic said the three professors were much more than just her faculty mentors. “They are people who shaped my interests,” she said, “but more than anything they are my friends.”

In addition to faculty, Tricic said she was thankful for her family. “For me, this award goes to my family who put up with me and my temper more times than I would like to remember,” she said.

“This award goes also to my [Bosnian] people,” she said. “Because without my community, I wouldn’t have a voice, either as a scholar or as an artist.”

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