STUDENTS: 2006 award winners

Friday night’s MFA Convocation reading was preceded by the annual awards ceremony for the English Department’s annual writing prizes. Pictured, from left, are the award winners who were in attendance: Julie Kennedy, Emily Tallman, Stacy Brand, Navdeep Dhillon, Michael Maniquiz, and Sasha Pimentel.

Here’s the full list of winners:

College of Arts & Humanities Outstanding Thesis Award
Michael Maniquiz, We Have To Go Inside

Fresno Creative Nonfiction Prize
Stacy Brand, “Whitetail Sorrow”
Logan Perkes, “The Illusion Of Symmetry”

Fresno Fiction Prize
Navdeep Dhillon, “The Dickhead”

Ernesto Trejo Poetry Prize
Sasha Pimentel, “Then Scleroderma”
Honorable mention: Emily Tallman, “I Ask My Father About Vietnam”
Honorable mention: Eric Parker, “Unfinished Book”

Larry Levis Poetry Prize
Julie Kennedy, “Widow”
Honorable mention: Mark Wilson, “Fragments Of Happiness”
Honorable mention: Bryan Medina, “The American Bar And Grill”

Maniquiz’s thesis manuscript was chosen as the best among all MFA and MA candidates graduating this academic year in the entire College.

The prize winners will each receive $100.

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